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Björk Favourites

Björk Favourites

The music of Björk defies categorisation. Her thirty-year career has produced a catalogue of works that cement her as an experimental creative force and one of the most important artists of the last century.

Examining art-pop as a canvas to which electronica, classical, trip hop, jazz and dance converge in the avantgarde, Björk's truly unique sonic portraits inspire, challenge and invigorate audiences and musicians worldwide.

In Björk: Interpreted: ' A Sun That is Still Burning', prize-wining bassist and composer Claire Cross brings together some of Melbourne’s most exciting young improvisers to rework pieces from Iceland’s most famous exports’ inimitable repertoire. 

Ahead of the show, Claire highlights her favourite Björk works of all time.

Venus as a Boy (1993)

Heirloom (2001)

Unravel (1997)

Unison (2001)

Play Dead (1993)

You can hear Claire and her band perform some of these songs and more in the Primrose Potter Salon on Friday 16 August. 

Click here for more information and to buy tickets.

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