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Welcome to ReflectON, our latest forecourt installation brought to you by Melbourne Recital Centre and Mandylights, made possible by the City Revitalisation Fund.  

ReflectON runs from 20 January – 26 February. 

ReflectON at night

About the work 

Mandylights explored the concepts of reflection, refraction and perception in the precinct, wanting to create something that was monolithic yet sympathetic to the busy urban environment of the precinct.

Beyond the simple notion of reflecting the installation's surroundings, they wanted to create a transformative work that would take on an entirely different visual appearance at night. This led them to look at the idea of an infinity mirror – where the reflective nature of the monoliths would disappear with the sun, and transform into a series of glowing, rotating, LED lines that glow brightly at night, often accompanied by music. 

The work slowly rotates at all times of the day and night; creating an ever-changing installation that is never the same one moment as the next. 

At night the external mirrors disappear as if by magic, and make way for the light show that exists inside – much like Melbourne Recital Centre’s façade, which was designed to resemble bubble or gift wrap, with the Centre’s impressive 1000-seat Elisabeth Murdoch Hall being the gift of live music that is revealed inside. 

LED lights line the internal members of the plinths and light up the internal mirrors, creating an infinite array of lights, shapes and colours, matched with music by acclaimed artists and musicians that are performing at Melbourne Recital Centre.

ReflectOn at Sunset

More about Mandylights 

Mandylights is a full service, award winning design and production house: providing end-to-end delivery from creative design through to production, fabrication, project management and technical staff. Since 2006, Mandylights has delivered projects in over 65 countries and have full-time offices in Newcastle, United Kingdom and also in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. The company works across special events, concert touring, light art and immersive experiences and has delivered iconic projects in all sectors around the world, including major events for local, state and federal governments, world-class musical artists and some of the largest festivals on earth.

More about Melbourne Recital Centre 

Melbourne Recital Centre is an award-winning live music venue; where artists and audiences build a lifetime of experiences. We strive to create wonder for everyone, in and beyond the Centre and inspire our community through music. 

Since our opening in 2009, Melbourne Recital Centre has been a major contributor to Australia’s vibrant musical landscape. The Centre is testament to the passion, vision and generosity of Melbourne’s music community. With a unique focus on music, the Centre presents and hosts hundreds of concerts each year, representing the pinnacle of the art form as practiced by local and international performers traversing all genres of music. And our impactful learning and access activities provide opportunities for Victorians of all ages and backgrounds to experience and engage with music and the Centre in new and exciting ways. 

The Centre is home to a vibrant community of Victorian and national chamber music ensembles and is a venue for acclaimed companies such as the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Australian National Academy of Music, Australian String Quartet, Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, RISING, Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Musica Viva and Victorian Opera. 

Music is a universal language. At Melbourne Recital Centre it’s the heart and soul of what we do and has the power to unite, transform and transcend. Visit us at Melbourne Recital Centre and experience where live music lives.

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