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Sound & Style: Melbourne Guitar Quartet

Sound & Style: Melbourne Guitar Quartet

About Melbourne Guitar Quartet:

Melbourne Guitar Quartet (MGQ) is a brilliant addition to Australia’s musical landscape. As Melbourne’s leading guitar ensemble, MGQ’s blend of innovative arrangements, technical flair and superb ensemble playing is a joy to experience. Through the use of bass, baritone, standard, treble and octave guitars, MGQ embodies a vibrant and dynamic onstage musical persona that has amassed diverse audience appeal since the quartet’s formation in 2005. 

Avid lovers of chamber music, guitar aficionados as well as concert first timers will no doubt be left captivated and fascinated by MGQ’s inimitable re-workings of established classics and feel invigorated by more recent and newly commissioned works. Guitar performance is set to transform as MGQ embarks upon a voyage of exploring the world of guitar as you have never heard it before.

Click the PLAY VIDEO button above to watch Melbourne Guitar Quartet perform in the Salon.

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