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The Tune Up: Episode One

The Tune Up: Episode One

Those who think classical music is a static art form vs Ben Opie.

Welcome to episode one of The Tune Up podcast with hosts Maxim Boon and Megan Steller. 

In this episode, Maxim and Megan chat with oboist, collaborator, artistic director and one half of Inventi Ensemble, Ben Opie. Plus, an audio experiment that explores the art and etiquette of opening a cough lolly wrapper in Elisabeth Murdoch Hall featuring usher and percussionist of Ossicle Duo, Hamish Upton.

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About Ben Opie

Two types of people walk the alleys of Melbourne’s wildly eclectic arts scene: those who argue classical music is a static art form, and those who know the work of Ben Opie.

Ben Opie

Tackling mind-blowing innovation with the class and sensitivity of a veteran, Ben is a young oboist of matchless capacity performing at the cutting edge of classical music’s fresh-faced evolution. With a big emphasis on innovation and meaningful collaborations, Ben’s approach has the power to keep classical music connected and relevant to its audience. He does this not only in his performing career but also in his new role as Artistic Director of the Peninsula Summer Music Festival.

About your hosts Maxim Boon and Megan Steller

Maxim Boon is a British composer, writer and critic who has been based in Australia since 2014. When he's not ensconced in a concert hall or writing about Melbourne's music scene, he can mostly be found taking selfies with his dog.

Megan Steller is an artist manager, writer and producer, who spends most of her time talking about classical music. She occasionally gets really enthusiastic at the symphony and claps in the wrong spot, but she's working on it. 

Maxim Boon and Megan Steller

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